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Information about BABYMETAL

* Biography

SU-METAL's Narrations

* Prologues for "IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI"

Narrations Included in the Live BD/DVD "LIVE - LEGEND I, D, Z, APOCALYPSE -"

  Released on 2013 Nov. 20th (1500 sets of limited DVD box on 2013 Oct. 19th)

* Overtures
* Prologue for SU-METAL's Birthday Celebration
* Prologues for "Onedari DaiSakusen"
* Prologues for "AKATSUKI"
* Prologues for Encore
* Epilogues for Legend "I", "D" & "Z"

Narations Included in the Live BD/DVD "LIVE - LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE -"

  Released on 2014 Oct. 29th

* Overtures to Legend "1999" & Legend "1997"
* Prologue to YUIMETAL's Birthday Celebraion
* Prologue to MOAMETAL's Birthday Celebraion
* Prologues & Epilogue for Onedari DaiSakusen 2
* Prologue to "NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW"
* Prologue to SU-METAL's Birthday Celebration 2
* Prologue to "GimiChoko"
* Prologues to "AKATSUKI" 2
* Prologue to "BABYMETAL DEATH"
* Epilogues for Legend "1999" & "1997"

Narations Included in the Live BD/DVD "LIVE AT BUDOKAN"

  Released on 2015 Jan. 7th

* Prologue to "Red Night"
* Epilogue for "Red Night"

* Prologue to "Black Night"
* Prologue for BLACK BABYMETAL
* Prologue to "NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW" 2
* Prologue to Summons Ceremony
* Summons Ceremony
* Epilogue for "Black Night"

Included in Special Editions of BABYMETAL's First Album

* Members' Commentaries
    included in the first-press limited edition of the first album released on 2014 Feb. 26th
   * on "Doki Doki * Morning"
   * on "IINE!"
   * on "Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!"
   * on "MEGITSUNE"
   * (All in One)

* History of BABYMETAL - Early days' videos and 25min. interview,
    included in the Bodokan limited editoin of the first album released on 2014 Mar. 1st

Visual Programs

* Talking on HotWave 1 - 18 min. interview on 2013 Feb. 13th by TV Saitama.

* Talking on HotWave 2 - 18 min. interview on 2013 Jun. 19th by TV Saitama.

* Before the Inazuma Rock Festival - 9 min. interview on 2013 Sep. 22nd by niconico live.

* After MUSIC STATION - 2 min. interview on 2014 Feb. 7th by TV Asahi.

* At TowerRecords 2013 - 35 min. interview of Sakura Gakuin's 9th grader on 2013 Mar. 20th.
    Miss Suzuka NAKAMOTO.

* At TowerRecords 2015 - 48 min. talk session of Sakura Gakuin's 9th graders on 2015 Mar. 5th
    Miss Moa KIKUCHI, Miss Yui MIZUNO, Miss Hana TAGUCHI & Miss Yunano NOTSU.

* NHK MJ 2016 Apr. 4th - 10 min. interview parts
    (the program was 39 min. in total with live performance & introduction).

Audio Programs

* On Radio 2013 Oct. 9th - 3 min. threesome girl talk by Mainichi Broadcasting.

* On Radio 2014 Jan. 9th - 7 min. interview by Smile Wave (Japanese in Singapore).

* Takanori NISHIKAWA's Chokotto Naito Nippon (on 5 successive days)
  - free talk with the host by Nippon Broadcasting.
    * Part 1: 2014 Feb. 17th - 4 min.
    * Part 2: 2014 Feb. 18th - 4 min.
    * Part 3: 2014 Feb. 19th - 5 min.
    * Part 4: 2014 Feb. 20th - 4 min.
    * Part 5: 2014 Feb. 21st - 4 min.

* On REDNIQS 2015 Sep. 21st - 14 min. interview by FM802.


* Explanation - about the package and the web site, announced on 2013 Nov. 21st.


* .srt Adjuster - Tool to ajdust the timecodes of .srt file.


  1. Thank you for all of the awesome work to make foreigners learn more about Babymetal.
    Would you mind me translating it in to Chinese to let Chinese fans know more about Babymetal?We've got a lot fans who love babymetal crazily here.

    1. Translation to Chinese is welcome. I wish everyone in the world to know about BABYMETAL.
      BABYMETAL's songs contain many references to various things, many word plays, and some ambiguities. I wrote too many notes about them. If you think Chinese readers need the information of some notes, please translate the notes, too, or link to my pages. And please be careful about the pages with "under construction" or keep watch on "Update History". I may change the translations or add new notes about them.

    2. I'll keep your advice and do my best.

  2. Hello Du Enki.

    Will you be translating the narrations for the 2015 fox festival BD?

    1. I'm sorry but I give low priority to that video. I will start translating the songs included in the second album as soon as possible. After them, I will translate some interesting interviews (which I believe to come) of BABYMETAL about the second album, etc.

  3. thank you so much mr Du-metal san!!..........

  4. can you make softsubtitle (.ass or .srt) for all BABYMETAL music video?????

    1. I'm sorry, but there already seem to be several subtitled BABYMETAL MVs with my translations or others, so I myself don't plan to do it.

  5. Are you willing to translate the Narations Included in the Live BD/DVD "The One Limited Edition (Apocrypha Red Mass & Black Mass) ?

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't plan to do it because that is limited merchandise, I don't have that, those narrations don't seem to be what the fans should know (like Legend I,D,Z, Budokan Red Night & Black Night), and some fans have said recent narrations are not so amusing as before.

  6. What of 2017? Any new Holy Text from the Fox God?

    1. I'm very sorry, but I've found no holy texts to translate lately.