[Song List]

Singles and Coupling Tunes

* Doki Doki * Morning   (rel. on 2011 Oct. 24th / 2011 Apr. 27th)

* IINE!   (rel. on 2012 Mar. 7th)
   * Kimi to Anime ga Mitai - Answer for Animation With You (a cover of KIBA of AKIBA)

* Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!   (rel. on 2012 Jul. 4th)
   * Uki Uki * Midnight

* IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI   (rel. on 2013 Jan. 9th)
   * Catch Me If You Can   (incl. in regular edition)
   * BABYMETAL DEATH   (incl. in limited edition)

* MEGITSUNE   (rel. on 2013 Jun. 19th)
   * AKATSUKI   (incl. in regular edition)
   * Onedari DaiSakusen   (incl. in limited edition)

* Road of Resistance   (download only; rel. on 2015 Feb. 1st / 2015 Jan. 7th)

* KARATE   (download only; rel. on 2016 Feb. 26th)

Included in the First Album "BABYMETAL"

Released on 2014 Feb. 26th.

* GimiChoko!!
+ Doki Doki * Morning
+ Onedari DaiSakusen
* Yon no Uta
+ Uki Uki * Midnight
+ Catch Me If You Can
* Akumu no Rondo
+ Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!

Included in the Second Album "METAL RESISTANCE"

Released on 2016 Apr. 1st.

+ Road of Resistance
+ Awadama Fever
* Amore
* META! Meta Taro
* Syncopation (Japanese edition only)
  - From Dusk Till Dawn (Out-of-Japan edition only)
* GJ!
* Sis. Anger
* Tales of The Destinies

Included in the live BD/DVD "LIVE - LEGEND I, D, Z, APOCALYPSE -"

Released on 2013 Nov. 20th (1500 sets of limited DVD box on 2013 Oct. 19th)

* White Love (metal cover of Speed), rec. on 2012 Dec. 20th
* Over The Future (metal cover of Karen Girl's), rec. on 2012 Dec. 20th
* Tsubasa o Kudasai (cover of Akai Tori), rec. on 2012 Dec. 20th

Included in the live BD/DVD "LIVE - LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE -"

Released on 2014 Oct. 29th

* NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW (a.k.a. "Yamanai Ame" (Endless Rain) ), rec. on 2013 Jun. 30th

* Chokotto LOVE by YUIMETAL (metal cover of Putchimoni), rec. on 2013 Jun. 30th
* LOVE Machine by MOAMETAL (metal cover of Morning Musume.), rec. on 2013 Jun. 30th
* Tamashii no Rufuran (Soul's Refrain) (metal cover of Yoko TAKAHASHI,
    the movie theme of "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth"), rec. on 2013 Dec. 21st

Included in the members' limited live BD "LEGEND 2015 - Shinshun Kitsune Matsuri -"

Released on 2015 Aug. 14th

* Awadama Fever, rec. on 2015 Jan. 10th

In the Live Performances

- Performed for YUIMETAL's birthday celebration, on 2014 Jul. 1st & Jul. 21st
   - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!, the latter part sung by YUIMETAL.

- Performed for MOAMETAL's birthday celebration, on 2014 Jul. 3rd & Jul. 21st
   - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!, the latter part sung by MOAMETAL.

Sakura Gakuin's Songs

* Sakura-iro no Avenue - Suzuka's solo
   included in "Sakura Gakuin school year 2012 -My Generation-" released on 2013 Mar. 13th.

* Aogeba Tôtoshi (from Sakura Gakuin 2014) (released on 2015 mar. 4th)
   a rock cover of a famous graduation song.


  1. YUIMETAL performed Chokotto Love while MOAMETAL performed Love Machine? :o Do these performances have video? I really want to see it because I'm also a Hello!Project fan~

    1. I want to see it too. But the video of that concert is not yet released nor broadcast. It may be released as their next live DVD / Blu-ray, or may be skipped. Audio bootlegs of those tunes can be found somewhere in the internet.

    2. cold6001 san, thank you for your playlist, but I can't show the link and I should have written "b*****gs".
      There is a Japanese phrase "本音と建て前" (honne to tatemae / honesty & facade? / real intention & stated principle?). Though I know where the b*****gs are, I can't say that openly. And they are easy to find.

  2. lol
    Mr. Du-Enki, you never fail to both impress and confuse me...usually simultaneously. If I ever come to your country--a very real possibility--I have to meet you. I apologize for the shameless self-promotion. Your tolerance is again appreciated. (^_^)

    1. Please don't mind that. It's just an odd Japanese custom, and I just worry about the Japanese eyes.

  3. Mind...?
    No, I don't mind. ^_^
    On the contrary. I'm both intrigued and surprised by Japanese customs and culture (as I'm sure you've realized). If the entire world behaved as the Japanese, I believe the planet would be much healthier. And yes, I'm sure I have a romanticized view. Too much anime and BABYMETAL, etc. No culture is perfect. There is no utopia. But this being said, your country seems to have figured out the whole human thing better than most...

    1. ... or may be worse because the Japanese sometimes make a gradual catastrophe because people say nothing though knowing it goes bad.

  4. I'm sure this is true...but it's true everywhere, even if for different reasons. In the west, most wait until an appropriate moment...then gleefully toss their wrench into the works of the system. No matter in how small a way. Instead of a gradual crisis, you suddenly and abruptly face disaster.
    again, perhaps I'm just discontented.

  5. Thank you so much! My goal is to know at least one song by heart by the end of May. I'm starting Japanese lessons next week. Wish me luck. It's a very intimidating language :o/

    1. I hope your success in studying Japanese and your Japanese teacher is kind.

    2. Thank you. Unfortunately, I am venturing into the Japanese language on my own, through Rosetta Stone. I may quickly discover this to be a mistake.

    3. I hope your rozetta stone work at its maximum power.

    4. It's seems to be an efficient learning aid. The app is pretty simple to use so far :)

  6. Mr. Du Enki,
    Do you know what the significance of the cross in their videos? I see it in their concert videos and one seems to have a statue in the background of mother Mary or maybe Jesus? Seems odd to me, but I can't find info on either stage prop.

    1. It is the only one statue I remember that appeared in the MV of Gimichoko or in the concert at Makuhari on 2013 Dec 21st. It resembled Mother Mary very very much but it was officially said to be the statue of some nameless goddess. Many say it was a copy of the statue of Themis (= Goddess of Justice) appearing in Metallica's concert, and some criticize BABYMETAL's producer for using that statue because he, having no reason to do that, copied only superficially while Metallica had enough reason to do that.

      A cross appeared at the end of "Legend D" and at the beginning of "Legend Z" (both included in Live DVD/BD). It seems to me that it has no special relation with Christianity because crucifixion is a common method to execute a criminal. But there was no explanation why SU-METAL should be crucified and many complain about her crucifixion in her birth celebration concert.

      With inconsistencies, insufficient explanations, lack of respect for religions, etc., it seems to me as if written by a school boy. But some (or many?) of BABYMETAL fans seem to accept it as a mere joke, not considering the possibility that it may offend someone, or thinking like "hater gonna hate".

  7. Hi.
    Thanks for translations.
    2 last links in "Members' Commentaries (included in the first-press limited edition)" section give the error "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. " , I think they need ".html" at the end.

    1. Thank you for your correction. I fixed it.

  8. Thanks for this site. It really helps those of us that don't speak Japanese to understand what these songs are about. Just bought my tickets to see Babymetal on 7-28 in LA. Can't wait!

    1. I hope you and all the audience in L.A. will enjoy BABYMETAL's live performance.

  9. I live 800 miles away from LA...BUT I GOT TICKETS!!!! WoooHoooo!

  10. And I live more than 2000 miles away but I'm flying in to the LA concert as well. See you there!

    1. I pray all your trips and BABYMETAL's tour shall be safe till the end.

    2. Sweet! Balcony or floor? Where are you flying from? 2,000 miles means you must in the east or Canada

  11. OMG!!

    A lot of great work here! Finally I know, what these songs are about. And I discovered a lot of fascinating details.

    Thank you so very much for your work!

  12. I know I'm just being greedy and there's no real need for it, but if you had the hiragana/kanji in another section under each song with the English to the side it would be just too perfect. Thanks again for such seriously excellent work on this site.

    1. http://www.utamap.com/
      There are such sites where you can find kanji-kana lyrics of all BABYMETAL's songs except "Kimi to Anime ga Mitai", and many japanese songs as well. These site show the lyrics with the permission of JASRAC. I too can get the permission, but I'm afraid what they will do with my romaji lyrics and translations. They are totally unauthorized ones.

  13. Thanks for the link! It makes sense, and I agree, keep their fingers away from your translations and interpretations

  14. Japanese traditional culture in BABYMETAL

    1. FOX GOD

    2. Japanese traditional DANCE



    1. Thank you for information, but I should explain about those.

      Though Toyokawa Inari is sometimes counted as one of the three major Inari, it is actually not a shrine but a Buddhist temple named "Myoogon-ji" dedicated to "Senju Kannon". Most Japanese temples have a small shrine for the guardian of temple. This temple's guardian is Dakini, associated with fox, originally a Hindu female imp.

      And in the era of the syncretism of kami and buddhas, Dakini was identified with a Japanese goddess, Inari Ookami. Originally Inari Ookami was not associated with fox, but as a result of syncretism, most Japanese associate "Kitsune sama" (= Fox God) with Inari Ookami and her head shrine, Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine now say (divine) foxes are her messengers. But few know Dakini and the identification process.

      There is a possibility that the one who had been inspired by Yosakoi inserted the chants "soiya" in "Megitsune", but Yosakoi is not a traditional dance at all and "soiya" was much used before it. Japanese traditional dance is typically dedicated for gods (kagura) or the deceased (bon odori). But people of Kochi invented Yosakoi festival to activate the city in 1954. It is, say, a contest of dancing parades without religious reason. Some dances look somewhat traditional but it's not necessary.

    2. I'm sorry for wrong information.
      Associating Inari Ookami with fox seems to begin in the 8th century because one of her other names somewhat resembled "kitsune" (= fox). Regarding foxes as her messengers began then. The identification with Dakini seems to begin in the 9th century. Anyway, imaging herself as somehow fox-like shape is mis-understanding and denied by the shrines.

  15. Would you like a copy of "Road to Resistance" so you can create draft lyrics and translation for the song? Just PM me if you want.

    P.S. I WILL NOT SHARE IT TO ANY ONE EXCEPT FOR HIM, thank you for your understanding.

    1. Thank you for offer, but I've already got it with the Live CD.

  16. this is a great babymetal fans blogger . u can help anyone to understand the babymetal song. ganbarimasu du enki san !!

  17. Maybe you should release an e-book of version of your website so that people can easily save/read/look-up your work. Sell it for $1 each and you'll make a fortune, I'm sure of it. And $1 for a fan-made BABYMETAL English translation book is a very cheap price which is, I think, a great way for us to pay you back or at least show an appreciation. I will gladly buy it if you release one.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, but for now it's hard for me to do because I feel some of my former writings should be improved and I can't go forward if I try to improve it.

  18. To Ax-Metal Wing san on 2015 Apr. 6th 15:27,
    I'm sorry, but I don't want to offend WOWOW.

  19. I wanted to put a big thank you here du enki for your hard work. You must have stayed up late late nights to do the new album so fast. I'm looking forward to seeing the notes develop on them. Much love from the UK. ^_^

    1. Sorry, wait a while for notes, please.

  20. Some days ago I find this interesting site: http://babymetal-ron.blog.jp
    I'm still learning japanese, so I couldn't understand nearly anything. But I guess there're some explanations for BM's songs, correct? And I want ask you: is there something new for you perhaps? What do you think of it?

    1. Browsing that blog, I've found the author refers to the opening theme of a TV program for kids as the source of the lyrics "genki o chaaji" of "Uki Uki * Midnight". This is new to me. He/she, however, seems not to have confirmed it was the first famous usage of the phrase but just to have written his/her personal impression.

      He/she says "Akatsuki" is a song for "白虎隊" (Byakkotai), a teenage samurai squad who committed suicide at their defeat. Byakkotai is new to me, but I've read somewhat similar interpretations before. He/she interprets the lyrics sticking to a (physically) damaged blade, while I interpret them assuming a teenage couple.

      There are many other interpretations of BABYMETAL's lyrics on the Internet, but I don't feel like examining them so much because the lyrics seem to present so few hints that various free interpretations seem to be possible unless the lyric writer discloses his/her intention.

  21. 差し出がましいとは思いましたがコメントします。

    1. コメントありがとうございます。


      Thank you for comment.
      You mean the phrase "moo nidoto modora-nai" of "Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!" expresses that she has made up her mind never to come back, don't you? To make up her mind never to come back, I think it should be assumed that she can come back if she doesn't make her mind so. She can come back to rock concerts, but she can never come back to "her state of mind at fifteen".

      I think the core of this song is that her now state of mind is precious and never comes back. It is not because she makes her mind never to come back that this night becomes a short period. Contrarily, it is because she thinks this night is a short period and never comes back that she (may) make(s) her mind never to come back (to rock concerts). Therefore, I think it is not needed to mention her determination even if she has made up her mind so.

  22. Typo on the song-list page in the Included in the First Album section: "IJIMIE"

    ~ AnonyMetal

  23. hello. sorry if you mind, are you planning on translating lyrics of their latest album? thanks.

    1. Very sorry for very very late reply.
      I'm sorry but I will not translate them for now. Please read [my post].