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Blogger's feeds reports the recent updates, but it's not so useful because even mere corrections of mis-spelling are included, so I record the substantial update history of the site (limited within what I remember).

2014 Dec. 5th

2014 Nov. 14th

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2014 Oct. 30th

      added the author credits (note [i]).
  • Chokotto LOVE
      slightly changed the lyrics (note #3), revised note #1
      & slightly changed the notation ("I like you, like, ..." to "I like you. Like, ...").
  • LOVE Machine
      slightly changed the translation (note #11).
  • Tamashii no Rufuran
      fixed romaji lyrics ("furueteu" to "furueteru").
  • revised some of the hyphenation of the romaji lyrics in these four posts.

  Previous updates are below.

* Sakura-iro no Avenue

This page is under construction. Translation may be changed.

This is not BABYMETAL's song but SUZUKA's solo, as a member of Sakura Gakuin. At the beginning of August, I made a wish upon a star: if I got the rehearsal video of Akatsuki in London, I would translate this song. Soon I got it, and now I have (almost) finished the translation.


Prolog & Epilog for Onedari DaiSakusen 2

This page is under construction. The translation may be changed.
Included in "LIVE - LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE" (released on 2014 Oct. 29th).

Prologue to Onedari DaiSakusen   in Legend "1999"

Long long ago, once upon a time, there was the paradise of the Metal called "the Garden of E-DEN".
There lived Angelic Metal (Stryper)
    and Devilish Metal (Mayhem) together in mutual prosperity across the genre barrier.
It was the paradise full of the Metal love.
In "the Garden of E-DEN", YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL play hide-and-seek.
There was "the special place" most suitable for it.
About that "special place", they were told "you shall be eaten by scary ogres if they find you there".
It was "the Forest of the Devil".
One day, when playing hide-and-seek, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL lost their way in "the Forest of the Devil".
The two were very hungry and found "the apple tree".
But it was the trap of "the forbidden fruits" set by the devil. The two didn't notice it and ate them.
Then, their faces suddenly turned pure white.
Saying "the number one Metal is, after all, the Black Metal, isn't it?",
they changed into BLACK BABYMETAL...

Epilogue for Onedari DaiSakusen   in Legend "1999"

The Forest of the Devil, it was the gate to the horrible Hell. The keeper of the Forest of the Devil said
"Shall I make you my next wax doll?".
By his magical power, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL
were changed into wax dolls and didn't move an inch.
They were taken to "Madame Assoo, the house of waxworks"
and were displayed with the Metallers in chronicle.
"I want to become a wax doll, too".
SU-METAL was nearly tricked by the devil,
but, seeing their figures, she decided to escape from here.
However, those who leave the paradise can never return to it again.
Heading for a new El Dorado, now "Ark of Metal" departs from here.

Prologue to Onedari DaiSakusen   in Legend "1997"

It is the holy night, the wonderful night when each one's dream comes true.
But the Metal Resistance is in execution even in the holy night.
The Fox God, the god of the Metal, in order to dye the holy night steel color,
sends down the gods of guitar,
the god of bass,
and the god of drums,
with the Black Santa Clauses...
The Black Santas come to good kids' houses.
"Give me! Give me!"
In order to beg you for the present, the Black Santas come to your house, too.
Now begins the biggest "Begging Operation" in history.



Prolog to MOAMETAL's Birthday Celebration

This page is under construction. The translation ma be changed.
Included in "LIVE - LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE" (released on 2014 Oct. 29th),
performed in Legend "1999" concert on 2013 Jun. 30th.

Prologue to MOAMETAL's Birthday Celebration

When "Doll Machines" talked with people and people sang the praises of "Love Machine",
The Angel of Smile landed on this world.
The angel is MOAMETAL.
The Fox God said
"Cherish the love most!".
MOAMETAL prepares for the upcoming Metal Resistance.
She became a fan of some girl idols. She goes to the school limited to the girls in growth period.
In this way, with "Dancin' all of the night", steady is the undercover propagation in the idol scene
she has been performing.