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I don't as yet know what happened and what is going to happen.
The following announcement and message were deleted at the end of October 2018.

Important Announcement from BABYMETAL

Posted : 2018.10.19

Thank you for continually supporting BABYMETAL. We would like to inform you of BABYMETAL’s new beginning which will be effective starting this month’s BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN performances.

YUIMETAL had expressed her desire to return performing with the group in the following months after last December’s performance due health concerns. During her absence, both SU-METAL and MOAMETAL as well as the entire staff team had been preparing for her awaited return. However, YUIMETAL came to a decision that she will not be performing at BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN and that she will no longer be a part of BABYMETAL. We thank her for all of her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

This month’s BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN will mark the rebirth in which SU-METAL and MOAMETAL form the core of BABYMETAL.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans for the continued support and look forward in what’s next for BABYMETAL.

Message to fans ↓

ファンの皆様へ / To Our Fans (by Yui MIZUNO)


I have been absent from BABYMETAL's recent concerts. I am truly sorry for giving trouble to many people.
I had thought again and again, but now it was decided that I leave BABYMETAL.

I am sorry that, deciding in this way, I am going to give trouble to other members and those who are supporting BABYMETAL. And I truly apologize for giving sorrow to our fans who are supporting BABYMETAL.
I had a strong wish to appear on the stage (of BABYMETAL) again, but I am not in perfect health even now and I have a wish to move forward to my own long-lasting dream, so I decided in this way.

I am grateful that I was given many precious experiences as a member of BABYMETAL.
They were such days that I felt I was blessed. When we all smiled and got united in our live concert, it was my joyful and happy time.
I endeavor to move forward so that you can see me again someday as Yui MIZUNO.
I truly thank you for (supporting YUIMETAL) for eight years.





水野 由結

Additional Information about This Matter

  • According to several newspapers (2018 Oct. 20), Amuse Inc. say this doesn't mean her retirement from entertainment business.
  • According to several tweets about the stockholders meeting of Amuse Inc. (2018 Jun. 24):
        Some stockholder questioned why YUIMETAL was absent from BABYMETAL's tour and why Amuse Inc. didn't announce it officially, then Amuse's president answered that they had never commented and would never comment officially about the future of individual artists and what they could say for sure are Yui MIZUNO regained her health and she was still under contract with Amuse Inc.
        Some other stockholder questioned whether YUIMETAL would come back to BABYMETAL's stage or not, then Amuse's president answered that Metal Resistance Chapter 7 was performed by different number of performers, it was an attempt and not permanent, and they neither affirm nor deny YUIMETAL's coming back.
  • In Sakura Gakuin diary [2018 Mar. 14], Miss Aiko YAMAIDE, a then member of Sakura Gakuin, wrote she made contact with Miss Yui recently, but she didn't mention Miss Yui's health though she loves Miss Yui so much. (She said sorry to Miss Yui for having lost the letter from Miss Yui in the backstage of TIF 2014, and Miss Yui answered she was happy to know Miss Aiko had carried her letter right up to the stage.)
  • According to some fan's tweet [2018 Jul. 22], he met Miss Hana TAGUCHI, a graduate of Sakura Gakuin, the previous day, he asked her about Miss Yui, and she answered Miss Yui was fine.
  • From [2015] to [2017], Miss Hinata SATOH, a graduate of Sakura Gakuin, said several times in her tweets that she took Amuse's acting lessons together with Miss Yui.
  • Before Miss Yui joined Sakura Gakuin when she was 10 yr., she had appeared in some TV dramas and some stage drama as a child actress. Her own long-lasting dream may be to become an actress.


[Update History]

I record the substantial update history of the site (limited within what I remember). Blogger's feeds reports the recent updates, but it's not so useful because even mere corrections of mis-spelling are included.

2018 Nov. 4th & 5th

  • Articles of visual programs & audio programs
      I updated the descriptions of the embeded YouTube players & the embeded Dailymotion players. I'm sorry that the embeded videos (& audios) had not been displayed in some old articles.

2018 Nov. 3rd

2018 Oct. 27th

2018 Oct. 20th

2018 Oct. 19th

2018 Feb. 17th

2017 Jul. 18th

  • Syncopation
      changed the translation back to "like/dislike" (note #2, sorry for late update).
      changed the translation from "the beat gets so strong that I feel pain"
      to "the beat gets painfully strong" (note #11).

2017 Jun. 13th

  • Prolog for IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI
      fixed romaji transcription of Prologue in Legend "Z"
      ("Kimi no kanashi-soona nakigao" to "Kanashi-soona kimi no nakigao"; thanks to a reader).
  • Prolog for Onedari DaiSakusen
      fixed typo in romaji transcription of Prologue in Legend "Z"
      ("Onadari DaiSakusen" to "Onedari DaiSakusen"; thanks to a reader).
  • LOVE Machine
      fixed typo in the lyric ("DACIN'" to "DANCIN'"; thanks to a reader).

2017 Jun. 12th

      fixed typo in the lyric ("BELEVE" to "BELIEVE"; thanks to a reader).

2017 Jun. 9th

      fixed typos in romaji lyric ("kizudareke" to "kizudarake"; thanks to a reader).

2017 May 27th

  • Summon Ceremony
      fixed the English transcription ("the new" to "the meaning", note #10, thanks to a reader).

2017 May 27th

2017 May 25th

  • GimiChoko
      fixed the lyric notations ("Give me chocolate!" to "Give me! Give me!"; thanks to a reader).

2017 May 24th

  • GimiChoko
      fixed typo in romaji lyric ("cokoreeto" to "chokoreeto"; thanks to a reader).
      fixed typos in romaji lyric ("kitusne" to "kitsune"; thanks to a reader).

2017 May 20th

2017 May 4th

2017 May 1st

  • [atTowerRecords'13Mar.20]
      revised the translation (thanks to a reader): "to sing like 'faa'" & "singing like 'faa'" at 27:07-27:09.
      revised the translation: "at in Sakura Gakuin" at 27:10.

2017 Apr. 30th

2017 Apr. 2nd

2017 Apr. 1st

  • Amore
      added note #0 (about the meaning of "Amore", thanks to a reader, sorry for late update).

2017 Mar. 31st

YAVA!, KARATE, THE ONE, META! Meta Tarô, Tales of The Destinies, GJ!, Syncopation,
From Dusk Till Dawn, (Sis. Anger, Amore, & Aogeba Tôtoshi)
  revised the notation of the lyrics. See Update History of 2017 Mar. 17th.

  • YAVA!
      revised note #10 (about hearing of "nani ka chigau").
      added note #9 (about the singers of the lines, thanks to a reader, sorry for late update).
      revised note [i] (about the versions of this song) & #11 (about the hearing of "hand in hand).
      added the lyrics of Unfinished ver.
  • META! Meta Tarô
      added the whispers in the lyric ("... Metata Metata Meta Tarô..." note #8).
  • Tales of The Destinies
      revised note #0 (about the singers of the lines).
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
      added note #9, #24 & #25 (about the singers of the lines).

2017 Mar. 27th

  • GJ!
      fixed the romaji lyric "goju paa" to "foti paa" (note #22; thanks to readers). Sorry for late update.

2017 Mar. 26th

Road of Resistance, Awadama Fever, Chokotto LOVE, (NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW, LOVE Machine, Tamashii no Rufuran, & Sakura-iro no Avenue)
  revised the notation of the lyrics. See Update History of 2017 Mar. 17th.

  • Road of Resistance
      revised note #7 (the line is sung partially by MOAMETAL&YUIMETAL).
  • Awadama Fever
      added note #15 (the chant was changed from "ah, yeah" to "going now"). Sorry for late update.

2017 Mar. 22th

  • [REDNIQS '15 Sep. 21]
      fixed the name tag of 10:05 (not Miss Moa but Miss Yui; thanks to a YouTube viewer).

2017 Mar. 20th

GimiChoko, Yon no Uta, (Akumu no Rondo, Over The Future, Tsubasa o Kudasai, & White Love)
  revised the notation of the lyrics. See Update History of 2017 Mar. 17th.

2017 Mar. 17th

MEGITSUNE, IJIME DAME ZETTAI, Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!, IINE!, Doki Doki * Morning,
AKATSUKI, Onedari DaiSakusen, Catch Me If You Can, & BABYMETAL DEATH,
Uki Uki * Midnight, Kimi to Anime ga Mitai
  revised the notation of the lyrics as follows:

  1. The lines that are not enclosed with brackets [---] & not marked with "M", "Y", "S" are sung by the main singer. On most songs, SU-METAL sings them but MOAMETAL & YUIMETAL sing some phrases with SU-METAL. On BLACK BABYMETAL's songs, MOAMETAL & YUIMETAL sing them.
  2. The lines marked with "M" are sung by MOAMETAL, with "Y" by YUIMETAL, with "S" by SU-METAL. I'm sorry if I mistake the voices of MOAMETAL, YUIMETAL, & SU-METAL.
  3. The phrases or lines enclosed with single brackets [---] are also enclosed with parentheses (---) in the official lyric or don't appear in the official lyric.
  4. Most of the phrases or lines enclosed with single brackets [---] are sung by MOAMETAL & YUIMETAL, but those marked with "(s)" are sung by SU-METAL.
  5. The phrases or lines enclosed with double brackets [[---]] are death growls by some man/men.
  6. Some phrases or lines enclosed with brackets appear without parentheses in the official lyric, but I enclose them for some reason. The lines that are enclosed but not indented are such kind.
      revised note #1 (about English title).
  • Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
      changed English notation from "Ban, ban, ba-ban!" to "Bang, bang, ba, bang!"
      revised note #1 (about English title), #12 (about "modora-nai" & "modore-nai").
  •   added note #15 (about the last line).
  • IINE!
      fixed the romaji lyric: "Aa yuu redii tuu mosshu?" not "moosh".
      changed some uppercase to lowercase in romaji lyric.
      added note #20 (about omitted lines in official lyric).
  • Doki Doki * Morning
      fixed the note number: "13" not "12".
      added note #17 (about omitted lines in official lyric).
  • Onedari DaiSakusen
      removed the excess "Money!" at the last line of the section.
  • Kimi to Anime ga Mitai
      revised note #13 (about the last line).
      added note #1 (about the first line).

2017 Jan. 22th

  • Amore
      revised note [i] a little (about the imperatives towards things).
  • Syncopation
      changed the translation "resound" (note #10).
      added note #15 ("Draw...!" might be the imperative towards the dazzling dreams).

2017 Jan. 20th

      appended note #9 (about "Run!", thanks to a reader).
      updated note[iii] (call&response).
  • META! Meta Tarô
      revised note #0 (singers of the lines).
  • Sis. Anger
      revised note [i] a little (about Tokyo dialect).
      fixed some upper/lower case, added some quotation marks.
  • Tales of The Destinies
      revised note #7, #9 ("Ima ja nai" might possibly mean not "it's not now" but "it's now").
      added note #0 (singers of the lines).
  • GJ!
      fixed some upper/lower case, added some exclamation marks.

2017 Jan. 16th

  • [NHK MJ '16 Apr. 4]
      sorry I haven't noticed the interview parts were expanded.
      replaced part 3 with that of 2016 May 7th (30:29-30:44, 31:39-32:04 & 32:29-32:33 expanded).
      added note #9 & #13.
      fixed an English translation "I had no idea that you would continue BABYMETAL".

  Previous updates are below.

[NHK MJ '16 Apr. 4]

These are the interview parts with English subtitles of this video which is already deleted. This program was broadcast on 2016 Apr. 4th 0:04-0:43(JST) for the first time, and "complete edition" on 2016 May 7th 2:00-2:44(JST) with one more tune (4m20s) & the interview expanded.
    The rest of the program contain the studio live performance (6+1 tunes rec. on 2016 Feb. 18th) and the same old introduction of BABYMETAL with Sonisphere, Lady Gaga, etc. Expanded interview parts are contained in part 3 (20s for restored words & one more question of Mr. Marty and 20s for one more answer of Miss Suzuka).

I'm sorry if I've mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. The words enclosed with parentheses "(xxx)" are what I've inserted as supplement or what NHK inserted on their subtitles. The words enclosed with parentheses & asterisk "(* xxx)" are supplement that I'm not so sure of.

[Part 1] (06:37.9 to 08:57, script 1 to 42)

[Part 2] (17:32.1 to 21:10, script 43 to 100)

[Part 3] (29:44.3 to 33:27, script 101 to 154)

[Part 4] (42:38.8 to 43:58, script 155 to 162)

Click "Settings Menu" at the top-right and "Subtitles" if the subtitles are not displayed.
I'm sorry that the subtitles are hard to read because of overlapped Japanese subtitles
and that I can't merge the videos in one.


  1. I'm not sure whether "it (= the venue) has not changed" or "we have not changed" because there is no grammatical subjects and no clues.
  2. I'm sorry for failing to catch Miss Yui's words. Considering the context, most likely words are "taihen datta" (= it was tough).
  3. "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu" is literally "I beg you to do things properly (= in our favor)". It should be translated to "I beg your support / consideration / patience / etc." depending on the context. If without a context, I translate it to "I beg your kindness" which I found on the internet to be suggested by a native English speaker who had lived in Tokyo for many years.
  4. They met in 2011 Dec. for a magazine "SWITCH" vol.30, no.2 (pub. on 2012 Jan. 20th). Miss Suzuka was 13 or 14 yr. and Miss Yui & Miss Moa were 12 yr. then. Maybe it was not a talk session but a photo session.
  5. Miss Suzuka misunderstood Mr. Marty as a TV personality probably because Japanese TV variety shows for ordinary people often feature heavy metal musicians somewhat comically. Mr. Marty has appeared some music variety shows.
  6. "J-POP" means Japanese popular music. Originally this word was used to differentiate stylish music from old-style popular music such as "歌謡曲" (kayôkyoku) or "演歌" (enka). However, as many singers (including idols) came to sing the songs offered by such stylish musicians, such distinction became meaningless. Now all popular songs, except some old-style ones, are called "J-POP".
  7. To "American music" I translate "洋楽" (yôgaku). Since the late 19th century, kanji "洋" (yô) has been used for things of European mainstream: e.g. "洋服" (yôfuku; European style clothes). Now "yôgaku" means worldwide mainstream popular music, but most Japanese have in mind the songs sung in English, and here Mr. Marty probably used it for American music scene.
  8. Mr. Marty added "gichigichi" to "muzukashii" (= difficult). This onomatopoeia represents a creaky noise or the state of a thing such as a bookshelf filled with too many books. I'm not sure whether he simply meant Metal music is too difficult & complex or it therefore restrains players & dancers too tightly.
  9. To "break(s)" I translate "決め" (kime; lit. "fixed (phrase)"). It refers to an impressive section where all players play the same fixed phrase or to the phrase itself (including a pause where no players play). I don't know what English word is used for this meaning.
  10. To "annoying" I translate "yakamashii". It means "annoyingly loud/noisy". He may possibly have meant simply "too loud", but everything is loud in Metal music.
  11. "Irregular meter" is such a rhythmic structure as 5/4, 7/8, etc. while ordinary meter is 4/4 (8 beat rock, etc.) or 3/4 (waltz, etc). The tunes that continue such irregular rhythm are found only in ethnic music, modern jazz, progressive rock, etc. Probably Mr. Marty meant a bit of irregular meter inserted in ordinary 8 beat tunes to make them impressive.
  12. It may sound as if they're proud of publicizing Japan, but I wonder to what extent it is their real feeling.
        In 2014 June, Japanese TBS set up and broadcast the interview of BABYMETAL and the ministress in charge of "Cool Japan". TBS's conclusion was that the government should not lead somewhat off-the-point "Cool Japan" promotion but support the people, such as BABYMETAL, who really convey Japan's good points to overseas people through their works. It may be that many people (including NHK) said something like this and our two girls were somewhat influenced by it to say these.
  13. Miss Suzuka probably mentioned not dancing to Metal music but dancing to live music in general.
        Like most Japanese idol groups, Karen Girl's & Sakura Gakuin which she once belonged to (and also early BABYMETAL) sang & danced not to a live band but to playbacked tracks. Probably she couldn't recall other differences between BABYMETAL & others on the instant.

  The transcription (.srt file) is below.


From Dusk Till Dawn

Released on 2016 Apr. 1st, included in "METAL RESISTANCE" (Out-of-Japan edition only).
Lyric: KITUSNE of METAL GOD, KxBxMETAL, TMETAL / Music: Yuyoyuppe / Arr.: YUPPEMETAL

This song is sung in English, but the lyrics have not been officially published.
This is my incomplete transcription with help of many fans of BABYMETAL.

From Dusk Till Dawn

One only waits
something's going to come
in one's way.
I want to take
every going-on toward
what to take.
Something's going to come.

In the air.
Pray upward
in the air,
in the air.

On the border,
don't stop for love.
Something's going to come.
On the border,
don't stop for love.
Something's going to come.

A memory.
Gone night.
You wanna mean.

Look at my face
more day after day,
then reach it's the same,
so each day's so same.
I wake from the dream
to keep on dreaming.
The night is so sweet,
but it's so late.

All it's over.
Never rule her.
All it's over.
Never rule her.

In the air,
in the air.