Members' Commentary on Doki Doki * Morning

Released on 2014 Feb. 26th, included in the first-press limited edition of the first album.
The music video itself was released on 2011 Oct. 12th.

I've uploaded this video with the subtitles for those who bought the limited edition but don't know Japanese well. The original video has the resolution of 720*480 @ much higher bit rate with the commentary @ AC3 192kbps and the original music @ LPCM. The limited edition also contains MV of "GimiChoko" and five live clips with Kami band at Summer Sonic 2013. As of May 3rd, it's gonna be sold out. Rush for it. Some media player (e.g. MPC-HC) can display an external .srt file upon DVD video.

I am sorry if I have mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. And I'm sorry for guessing or omitting the words I can't hear in the overlapping parts. The words in upper case are Japanese (mostly the lyrics).

Click [CC] or "Settings" at the bottom-right if the subtitles are not displayed.

The video which I uploaded to YouTube was deleted on 2015 Jul. 28th, and that & this were also deleted, so I uploaded this to Google Drive on 2016 May 14th. I hope it'll survive long.


  1. "ってね" (-ttene) is an abbreviation of "nantene" or "nanchatte(ne)". It is grammatically analyzed as "I have said (for a joke) such like [main part]". When the Japanese feel they have said something too strong, they often append this phrase immediately to make it a mere joke. SU-METAL may have felt shy talking about her own hairstyle.
  2. At 1'24" (0.3sec?), they run from in front of the camera back to the dancing position.
  3. Maybe she was surprised to hear about (and/or looking forward to) this video shooting because of their red and black costumes (= Gothic & Lolita fasion(?) which was new to her) and some other reasons (an ending particle "...shi." implies there being other reasons).
  4. Probably YUIMETAL stopped speaking by herself, but it's a bit unnatural for SU-METAL to interrupt her, so there is a possibility that two or more talk sessions were recorded and switched from one to the other at this point.
  5. They talk about the croma key technique. Probably they stood behind such as the green curtain with frames, and stuck their heads out of it.

[i] About the Japanese Chiming-in Interjections "相槌" (aizuchi)

The Japanese seem to chime in more than other people, and in particular, the youth's conversation seems to contains many chiming-in interjections.
    I'm not sure I've chosen the proper words to translate the nuances of the Japanese chiming-in interjections, so I list up them with explanation. Please note that these words may be used for different meanings, and there are more chiming-in interjections besides these. In the table below "you" means the one who keeps on speaking and "I" means the one who inserts these interjections.

~:hi / _:low
あっaAh. I find or recall something.
ああaa (~_)Oh. Just like "Oh, beautiful." or "Oh, Romeo."
あーaa (~~)Aha. I see. I realize what you say. You've given me new info, or you've reminded me of something.
あれ?are?Why? I find something to wonder about.
いや(あ)iya(a)No. / - The word also means "dislike". Or I am embarrassed (when "iyaa"). Sometimes used in a happy situation: e.g. when I feel shy of being praised.
うんunYeah. Yes. Used only in intimate relations.
ううんu'un (_~_)No. Used only in intimate relations..
うーんuun (___)(Hmm.) I am thinking about something.
え?e?Eh? I missed what you said, I can't understand what you say, or what you say surprises me.
えー?ee? (_~)(No.) I have a complaint about or an objection to what you say.
ええe'e (~_)Yes.
おーooOh. I am surprised and impressed at something, or I admire something.
そう(だ)soo(da)Right. "Soo" refers to the situation just like "so" of "Is that so?". Often used instead of "hai" (= yes). The predicate "da"/"desu" is often omitted.
そうだねsoodaneYou're right. Attached "ne" brings the flavor of "I agree with you".
たしかにtashikaniIt sure is. Also "We sure did.", etc. Almost literally.
なんかnanka- Literally "something". I am thinking (or don't know) what I should say. SU-METAL always inserts this word in her speech, but most of them are meaningless, so ignored.
Me, too.
Typically used to answer the tag-question ("...yone?" - "Ne"). I, as the same kind of you, think the same, like "We girls love the sweets, don't we?" - "Yeah (we do)".
ひゅーhyuu- Instead of whistling. Uttered to banter someone(s): e.g. when a boy says too heroically, when a boy and a girl behave a bit intimately in classroom, etc.
へーheeHeh. I am a bit surprised and impressed at something, or what you say is new to me but I don't care about it (depending on the intonation).
ほんと(だ)honto(da)That's true. Almost literally.
わーwaaWow. I am surprised or delighted.
ん?nn? (_~)What? I find something strange, or I missed what you said.
んーnn (__)Uh-huh. If pronounced strong, this is the same as "un", "u'un" or "uun". If weak, this sometimes means only I am hearing you.

  The transcription (.srt file) is below.

00:00:04,500 --> 00:00:05,800
[MOA] It's cute.  [SU] Cute.

00:00:05,900 --> 00:00:06,900
[MOA] Cute.  [YUI] Yeah.

00:00:07,000 --> 00:00:09,400
[SU] This looks like kids' TV program.  [YUI] That's true.

00:00:09,500 --> 00:00:10,500
[MOA] I like this scene so much.

00:00:10,600 --> 00:00:13,700
[SU] The shadow of the house moves. It's awesome.
[MOAYUI] Yeah.

00:00:14,500 --> 00:00:16,600

00:00:16,700 --> 00:00:19,000

00:00:19,100 --> 00:00:24,200
[SU] I think this was the first time that
our logo was displayed on the drum head.

00:00:24,300 --> 00:00:26,300
[MOA] Maybe so.  [YUI] You're right.

00:00:26,400 --> 00:00:28,000
[SU] Two of you were very little.

00:00:28,100 --> 00:00:29,600
[YUI] (laugh)  [MOA] No, no, no.

00:00:29,700 --> 00:00:32,000
[SU] And your headshaking was rather soft.

00:00:32,100 --> 00:00:32,600
[MOA] You're right.

00:00:32,700 --> 00:00:34,400
[SU] Now it has become rather hard.

00:00:34,500 --> 00:00:37,400
[MOA] I had a severe pain the next day.
[YUI] Me too. It continued for three days.  [MOA] Yeah.

00:00:37,500 --> 00:00:39,800
[SU] That was because we danced much.
[MOA] I couldn't move anymore then.

00:00:39,900 --> 00:00:41,100
[SU] This room is very cute.

00:00:41,200 --> 00:00:45,100
[MOA] Here much...
We explored (here much), didn't we?  [YUI] Uh-huh.

00:00:45,200 --> 00:00:47,400
[MOA] By the way,
our twin ponytails were still at low position.

00:00:47,500 --> 00:00:49,100
[YUI] They sure were.  [SU] Aha, they sure were.

00:00:49,200 --> 00:00:50,300
[MOA] I like this scene.

00:00:50,400 --> 00:00:55,600
[SU] Aha. I guess you mean the clock in my eye.
[MOA] The clock is cool.  [YUI] Uh-huh.

00:00:55,700 --> 00:00:59,600
[SU] And the mic. SU-METAL had was the special one.

00:00:59,700 --> 00:01:01,600
[SU] It was decorated with many ribbons.
[MOA] Right, right.  [YUI] Yeah.

00:01:01,700 --> 00:01:06,500
[SU] Very cute, but while I was dancing...,
[YUIMOA] ...they were losing their shapes...

00:01:06,600 --> 00:01:08,700
[SU] ...because of my sweat.
[MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Right, right.

00:01:08,800 --> 00:01:11,100
[SU] And my hairstyle was half-up (half-down) then.

00:01:11,200 --> 00:01:12,700
[YUI] Ah, that's true.  [MOA] That's true.

00:01:12,800 --> 00:01:17,200
[YUI] You're right.
[SU] Ah, that's true. I've found that just now, te-hee.  *1

00:01:17,300 --> 00:01:20,100
[SU] In this scene, two of you got on
the turntables and rotated, didn't you?

00:01:20,200 --> 00:01:22,200
[MOA] We did.  [YUI] Yeah, we did.

00:01:22,300 --> 00:01:24,500
[MOAYUI] YONE.  [SU] YONE. (= You too, don't you?)

00:01:24,600 --> 00:01:26,900
[SU] We ran much in the scene saying "YONE".
[YUI] We did.

00:01:27,000 --> 00:01:29,900
[MOA] It was tough to go back quickly.  *2

00:01:30,000 --> 00:01:34,100
[MOA] ASERAZU hurry up. PATAPATA morning.
(= Don't be hasty, but hurry up. A hectic busy morning.)

00:01:34,600 --> 00:01:37,400
[SU] Cute.  [YUI] Ah.  [MOA] Cute.

00:01:37,500 --> 00:01:40,600
[MOA] Ah, cute!  [YUI] Little, little.
[SU] You were really little.

00:01:40,700 --> 00:01:45,900
[MOA] Still so then.  [SU] Yeah, then.
[MOA] Now I'm not.  [SU] Much (taller).  [YUI] Right.

00:01:47,200 --> 00:01:48,600
[SU] Oh.  [MOA] Awesome.

00:01:48,700 --> 00:01:52,200
[YUI] There was a wide difference between our heights.
[MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Now we can see that.

00:01:52,300 --> 00:01:54,300
[SU] It sure was. Between me and two of you.

00:01:54,400 --> 00:01:56,400
[SU] Striking.  [MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Uh-huh.

00:01:56,500 --> 00:01:58,900
[SU] This was our first promotion video.
[MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Yeah.

00:01:59,000 --> 00:02:01,500
[YUI] I was very much looking forward to this.
[SU] Yeah, me too.

00:02:01,600 --> 00:02:05,100
[MOA] I was very surprised when I heard about this.
[SU] Because of our red and black costumes, etc.  *3

00:02:05,200 --> 00:02:08,400
[YUI] As I see now the video edited like this...  *4
[SU] This scene is cool.  [MOA] Yeah.

00:02:08,500 --> 00:02:09,800
[MOA] Ah, I like this scene, too.

00:02:09,900 --> 00:02:13,000
[YUI] Wow, it comes again.  [MOA] We are rotating.

00:02:13,100 --> 00:02:17,800
[SU] MOAMETAL's facial expression is awesome.
[YUI] We tried hard not to blink in this scene.

00:02:17,900 --> 00:02:22,200
[SU] Heh, did you try to act like robots?  [YUI] Right.
[MOA] We had planed to do so.  [SU] I see.

00:02:22,300 --> 00:02:26,600
[MOA] In this scene I bumped
against the nearby flower many times.

00:02:26,700 --> 00:02:30,600
[YUI] (laugh)  [SU] That's true.
[MOA] That big flower.  [SU] Aha.

00:02:30,700 --> 00:02:34,100
[MOAYUI] Ah, Mr. Bones appeared.
[SU] That's true. They are cute.

00:02:34,200 --> 00:02:35,400
[YUI] (laugh)

00:02:36,200 --> 00:02:37,600
[MOA] They are dancing.

00:02:37,700 --> 00:02:38,700
[YUI] Yeah.  [SU] Yeah.

00:02:39,500 --> 00:02:43,500
[SU] There are rather few shots
of me and each of you, huh?

00:02:43,600 --> 00:02:47,200
[MOA] There are few.  [YUI] Aha, surely. You're right.
[SU] Our two shots are rather few.  [YUI] Uh-huh.

00:02:47,300 --> 00:02:49,900
[SU] Considering that, these shots are rare.
[MOA] That's true.  [YUI] They sure are.

00:02:50,000 --> 00:02:52,200
[SU] I like this scene so much.

00:02:52,300 --> 00:02:54,200
[YUI] I always wonder which is Yui and which is Moa.

00:02:54,300 --> 00:02:57,400
[SU] Aha, I remember two of you
researched much before this scene.

00:02:57,500 --> 00:02:59,600
[MOA] I did my best.  [YUI] Yeah, me too.

00:02:59,700 --> 00:03:01,900
[YUI] Ah, this...  [MOA] I had my hair a bit short.

00:03:02,000 --> 00:03:02,800
[SU] I enjoyed this scene.

00:03:02,900 --> 00:03:08,300
[MOA] We stuck our heads into the green frames.  *5
[YUI] Right, right. We stuck into (and out of) it.

00:03:08,400 --> 00:03:11,500
[SU] Ah, this...  [YUI] Here come Mr. Bones!

00:03:11,600 --> 00:03:16,500
[SU] We taught them how to dance before this scene.
[MOA] They are dancing.  [YUI] Yeah.  [MOA] We did.

00:03:18,500 --> 00:03:21,800
[SU] Cute.  [YUI] We were young.
[MOA] Yeah.  [SU] That's true.

00:03:23,600 --> 00:03:24,800
[SU] Our logo is (flashing).

00:03:24,900 --> 00:03:26,700
[YUI] It's cool.  [SU] Really cool.
[MOA] Oh, we were small.

00:03:26,800 --> 00:03:30,100
[MOA] Why? Different hairstyle. Oh, I see.
It was changed before this scene.  [SUYUI] Uh-huh.

00:03:30,200 --> 00:03:33,600
[SU] Our make-up became thicker in this scene.
[MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Uh-huh.

00:03:33,700 --> 00:03:35,700
[MOA] SU-METAL's hair is scattering.

00:03:35,800 --> 00:03:38,800
[SU] What do you mean by "scattering"?
[MOA] Really scattering.

00:03:38,900 --> 00:03:41,700
[SU] Mr. Bones appear in an inconspicuous way.
[MOA] Yeah.  [YUI] Yeah.

00:03:41,800 --> 00:03:43,800
[MOA] Hoo.  [SU] Hoo.

00:03:43,900 --> 00:03:45,100
[MOA] Go back.  [YUI] Aah.

00:03:45,200 --> 00:03:49,300
[SU] And then, last of all.
[MOA] Last of all.  [BM] (laugh)


  1. Wow, thank you so much for this.

  2. You sir are a God amongst men.

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    1. Thank you for your invitation, but I'm sorry I don't have enough time to do that because I know little Reddit and I'm slow to read English and much slower to write.

  4. Thank you for doing this!

    Why were they surprised that their costumes were red and black? Do you have any idea?

    Thank you again!

    1. I put the note #3 for that. Costume was actually one of the reasons. "...shi" is difficult to translate.

  5. Oh, and one suggestion: at 50, the word "planed" is the past tense of a different verb (to plane, meaning to shave wood off, using a tool called a plane), and it's pronounced with a long "a," as in "day." The past tense of "plan" is "planned."

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!! Your translations are appreciated so very much!

  7. This is really cool! Thank you for this translation. I look forward to the next!

  8. Hello and thank you for your work! I really loved ALL of your work! Can you please translate this too? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkRRkORQAxQ&feature=youtu.be
    I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. I hope I will upload the remaining 4 videos one per two days or so.

    2. Thanks for your reply! Cheers from Indonesian metal resistance!

  9. 相槌についての記述の中にThis is childishとありますが、

    1. Thank you for your correction. I mistook them as childish because I don't remember older people used "un" & "u'un".

  10. I wonder why Yui says "Yui and Moa.." when she is talking about herself and Moa? Why in the third person?

    1. If you refer to Miss Yui's words at 2'52", I'm sorry, she actually said "which is which" but I was not sure this means the same both in Japanese and in English. And there are other cases that I don't translate literally what she actually says.

      But sometimes she herself says like "Yui and Moa" and it's not strange in Japan: (1) to make it clear who is "I" for the radio listeners, etc. (2) when talking about one's own group for others (A does X, B does Y, C(=I) does Z...). (3) to show intimacy to you (psychologists say), and often criticized as childish.
      Since Japanese has no personal pronouns, I sometimes find translating is difficult: e.g. when Miss Suzuka says "futari wa..." (= two are...), there are few clues to whether it is addressed to Yui & Moa (= "you are...") or addressed to the listeners (= "they are..").

  11. Thank you for saying that. The context or tone of voice when she says that is not confident so I didn't know what to make of it.

  12. Du Enki-san

    I see they (YouTube) got you too. They got me as well...drag.
    I was looking for your member's commentaries to add to my new mix...then I saw you were gone. :(
    I should write a letter to RIAJ...I feel I was a great advertiser for them (and Amuse and Japan). All I did was get people interested in Japan, Japanese music, Japanese Culture, Anime and--of course--BABYMETAL. Which naturally led to all of the former. You know how many people I turned onto BABYMETAL? And Japanese Pop/Idol/Metal/Traditional Music? I miss Amuse. They just give you a red exclamation mark, block the vid world-wide. What's wrong with that? Strike is too much. Not cool...no Du Enki account?! Do they not know how much you helped them? I credit you with turning millions (yes millions) of people onto this act. For you to lose your account is too much. A pirate like me? Maybe...though I believe they cut of their nose to spite their face. But you? Wow. They should re-examine their strategy.
    Personally, I think Amuse made a deal with the devil when they got into bed with Sony. And they so didn't need to. Not in the 21st century. Sorry you lost your main account, brother. But I feel your pain and remain in the same boat...

    1. Dear cold6001 san.
      I am sorry that your youtube account was gone. About me, however, I have somewhat expected from the beginning this might happen someday, so I uploaded those videos with my secondary account.

      I was fully rewarded when I heard Miss Suzuka, Miss Yui & Miss Moa said they were glad to be welcomed by foreign fans because I thought I had done a bit for that. I work for these talented & lovable girls and their fans. I expect no favor of Amuse Inc. to me. All I want them to do is to support the three (and to treat foreign fans properly if they say BABYMETAL have many foreign fans).

      In general, makers have the rights to remove unauthorized copies of their works. What I uploaded were of this kind though English translations were newly added to them. Makers may say fan subs are damaging to the future official subtitled ones which they may never release.

      I think all we can do is to ask Amuse Inc. to offer official ones at fair prices instead of what they removed from the internet. I think emphasizing Amuse's benefit from fan subs is not so persuasive because some Japanese can easily ignore what they don't want to accept, saying like "we don't want such a benefit (but we don't refuse to receive it)".

      There is Oomi merchants' dictum "Sanpoo-yoshi": A deal should be beneficial to all the seller, the buyer and the society. But many Japanese companies have become quite different from such good old Japanese merchants.

  13. Unfortunately, all of these have also been removed from Dailymotion as well. Thankful i got to watch all of them before they were taken down though. And as a quick aside, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the amazing work you do for the BM community.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I've been waiting for the storm of deletion to pass over.

  14. Omg, I was searching your videos on dailymotion but they delete it... But after all we have the comments here as well

    1. Thank you for information. It's too bad.

  15. Maybe you can upload this video on some hosting for us who missed it to download?

    1. Because they are soft subtitles, they are not displayed without such a framework as YouTube or Dailymotion or some supporting players. I am thinking what is the best solution.

    2. Well, whatever) Anyway it would be better then nothing, wouldn't it?

    3. Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/BABYMETAL/ and search with suitable words. Then, you'll find a certain thread where there is a link to these videos with subtitles. I'm sorry but I can't show you the direct link because I'm afraid that RIAJ should find and delete them if possible.

    4. Thanks, man! I'm very glad! You made my day!)

  16. Hello you post the subtitle file please?


    1. Please copy the sentence numbers, the time-codes, & the texts above(?),

      00:00:04,500 --> 00:00:05,800


      00:03:45,200 --> 00:03:49,300

      and save them with an appropriate name such as ????.str.
      If you have some troubles, ask me again.

  17. I'm really disappointed in this band.
    I was expecting BABIES, and there are none.

    Sure, they're metal, but where's the BABIES?

    Talk about false advertising.
    What a sham.
    I don't see a single BABY in all their videos.
    All I hear is metal.

    I'm so disappointed.

    Sgt. Tan *The Java Man* Tan, Commander of ERT unit, Calgary.

    If your band has no babies in it, then don't call it BABYMETAL.

    1. I want you to know that "BABYMETAL" means not "babies doing Metal music" but "a baby type of Metal music" as Oxford dictionary says "baby" [adjective] [attributive] comparatively small or immature of its kind.

  18. I just wanted you to know that even in 2018 we English speakers appreciate you doing the Fox God's work!

    1. Thank you for comment, and sorry for not having updated my blog recently.