* Aogeba Tôtoshi

This is not BABYMETAL's song but a famous graduation song which Sakura Gakuin covered. The translation is of Sakura Gakuin's own interpretation of it (the lyric is old-fashioned, so Sakura Gakuin were told the meanings of the words and they interpreted the lyric in their own situation). In [At TowerRecords '15 Mar. 5th], Miss Yui said she hoped to let Sakura Gakuin's fans know what members felt on their graduation, so I have translated it. Their interpretation was displayed on the MV that was presented by Gyao only from 2015 Mar. 3rd to 8th.


[atTowerRecords '15 Mar.5]

This is a copy of a live streaming program "Idol 36-bou" broadcast by [Tower Revolve Project] on 2015 Mar. 5th with English subtitles. I thank the fan who recorded & uploaded this on the internet. It is a talk session of Moa KIKUCHI, Yui MIZUNO, Hana TAGUCHI & Yunano NOTSU from Sakura Gakuin with the hosts. It is amusing but may not be so informative.

I am sorry if I've mistaken the voices of the members. The words enclosed with parentheses "(xxx)" are what I've inserted as supplement. The words enclosed with parentheses & asterisk "(* xxx)" are supplement that I'm not so sure of. These happen because the Japanese often omit what (is difficult to say and) the listener would imagine, and that often causes troubles.

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