This is an unofficial translation of [ https://baw.babymetal.jp/info/about.php ]. Please do not ask the official site or the online shop about this page. Do everything about "BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE" at your own risk.

Note that "LIVE - LEGEND I, D, Z, APOCALYPSE -" is the Blu-ray disc, "BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE" is the package of the binder and the booklet, and these are two separate items.

"BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE WEB" is the members' site for those who have purchased the package "BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE", and the membership for the site provides some benefits (it can be said that it is virtually the membership for the official fan club which many Japanese idols and musicians have).

Note that though there are the words "baptize", etc. on the page, BABYMETAL has no relation with Christianity and many "DEATH" you see mean only "be" (it's just a joking variation of "desu" (= be) of Japanese).

Outline of the login page

METAL NAME:[           ]
PASSWORD:[            ] [ Riddle of
until Dec.21st
21:00 ]
[   ] Keep my login information.
[ If you forget your metal name ]
[ If you forget your password ]
The legendary apocalypse is finally released.
BABYMETAL's official artist book comes down.
If you have the access code[What is BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE?]
[ New Registration ]

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[On Radio '13 Oct. 9]

This is a copy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm684RszYrs with English subtitles.

This is a 3-min. part of the radio program "ゴチャ・まぜっ・水曜日"(Gocha-mazet Wednesday) hosted by Takanori NISHIKAWA (a.k.a. T.M.Revolution) broadcasted on 2013 Oct. 9th by MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting). He, as the Cultural Ambassador for Shiga Prefecture, also hosts the Inazuma Rock Fes. held on the lakeside of Biwa.*1 This message was recorded on 2013 Sep. 22nd after BABYMETAL's performance.

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  1. "Inazuma" means lightning. The festival was so named because the first kanji of "滋賀" (Shiga) resembles the fork lightning.
  2. I guess BABYMETAL performed for over 10,000 nearly 20,000 of audience at the Inazuma. The Summer Sonic is a bigger festival, but BABYMETAL performed on one of its sub stages.
  3. ℃-ute (Cute; the first letter is for degree Celsius) is a five-girl idol group (17yr.-21yr.) which belongs to Hello! Project (one of the sister groups of Morning Musume.).
  4. Miss MOA once reported one of the overnight trips of BABYMETAL in the school journal of Sakura Gakuin:
        Miss MOA and Miss YUI shared one room of the hotel and Miss SU shared another with a woman staffer. But Miss SU, feeling lonely, came to YUI&MOA's room and the three slept in one bed after all.

  The transcription (.srt file) is below.